I believe it is primarily through our relationships with others that makes us who we are.  The meanings and values extracted from my own experiences as an identical twin have led to an on-going consideration of identity.  For this reason it is important to me that each piece I create is embedded with both a sense of process and socially mindful purpose.  The artist’s role, in my opinion, is to give a satisfyingly integrated expression to both our bodily and intellectual dimensions.  While installations utilize multiple visual objects, they are primarily created as a means to access a more complicated set of sensibilities. Issues of origin and individuality direct me through the processes of concept and production resulting in an equally aesthetic and intellectual art piece.


Marie Weichman was born in Wyoming and raised in Texas.  Since earning an MFA from Texas Tech University, she has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout the United States as well as international exhibits in China, Germany and Peru.  Weichman has been Artist in Residence in Denmark, China, New Zealand and the United States, and was included among Ceramic Monthly’s 2008 Emerging Artists.  She is currently on faculty in the Art Department at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA, and serves on The Bremerton Arts Commission and the Permanent Acquisitions and Exhibitions Committee for Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.


  • Tom Callins
  • Joanie Pearson